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Why Top Knobs

Top Knobs was founded in 1994. Since then they have become the #1 manufacturer for decorative knobs and drawer pulls for the professional market. Top Knob products are not available at mass merchandising do-it-yourself stores. Top Knobs is available only from design showrooms.

Top Knobs offers the industry’s most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and bath knobs, pulls and other hardware, created to suit all tastes and styles. The company’s wide selection of traditional and modern decorative hardware is the result of a creative design staff and talented craftsmen. Each Top Knobs piece has the quality look and feel of custom-made, at an affordable price. Top Knobs is the #1 leader and #1 trend-setter for the professional decorative hardware industry.

Limited Life-Time Warranty

Top Knobs warrants for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser that the products will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

The Top Knob’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is a statement of confidence to customers to the reliability of Top Knob’s products, which are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality, style, appearance and durability. This warranty reflects a tradition of excellence and a commitment to superior manufacturing, innovative design and craftsmanship dedicated to you, the customer. This warranty is Top Knob’s pledge to you that we will proudly stand behind our products for as long as you own it.

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Materials Used


Most of the knobs and pulls are solid brass. Top Knobs also has knobs and pulls made from bronze, iron, steel, zinc alloy, granite, porcelain, stainless steel, etc. The product you choose will always show you the base material of the product; this transparency is not typical in the cabinet hardware industry. Less expensive knobs often use less expensive materials, but sometimes higher priced knobs also made out of less expensive materials. With Top Knobs you always know the material you are buying.


For deciding what material holds up best, the issue is often not the material used, but the thickness of the material and the quality of the finish applied to the material. Knobs and pulls made from solid bronze, solid brass, solid steel etc. are going to hold up better than hollow knobs and pulls. They will feel better in the user’s hand – a quality difference you can easily feel. They even sound better, strange as that may be, because they don’t have a hollow “tink” sound when hit with a ring or bracelet when being used. Hollow products are usually made of cast zinc. These products can be fine. Top Knobs has some cast zinc hollow products where the intricate design of the knob can only be created by using cast zinc. For such products Top Knobs uses a high-grade cast zinc alloy that is thicker, stronger, and long-lasting. Finish is just as important as the metal used.


Top Knobs has grown to become the #1 brand of professionally installed cabinet hardware in North America. They did this by offering great quality at a good price. They are not the cheap product. That’s at Home Depot or Lowes, etc. Top Knobs is a middle-of-the-road price. What is not middle-of-the-road is their quality. Every cabinet knob, door handle, pull, hook or fixture by Top Knobs offers a completely sealed finish that lasts for years and years, so there’s not wear on the drawer knobs and pulls which are opened most. From solid cast knobs and pulls to multiple coats of finish sealer, hand-finishing, the widest range of collections and products, and a Lifetime Guarantee, Top Knobs products are highest quality at a value price.

Where To Buy

There are a select group of Design showrooms that offer Top Knobs in our area. Floyd Renovations is a proud supplier of Top Knobs knowing they offer outstanding quality, warranties, and service for a good price. Stop by our Design Showroom today to see our displays and experience the quality first hand. Find something you like? We can order you a sample!

Floyd Renovations
30 Triad South Drive
St. Peters, MO 63304

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Image result for top knobs hardware logo


All information can be found on the Top Knobs website.

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