Halloween is a holiday adults enjoy just as much as kids. If you’re a homeowner, you do have one serious obligation on this fun night.  You must make sure the path to your door is a safe one for everyone. You will want to be sure your yard, driveway, steps, and areas surrounding your front door are prepared for all the visitors, especially the little trick-or-treaters.

Walkways and Stairs

You’ll want to keep paths clear of any possible obstructions such as flower pots, low hanging tree limbs, overgrown bushes, hoses, or debris. The last thing you want is for your neighbor’s kids to hurt themselves because you forgot to pick up your hose. Even be careful with your Halloween decorations, you don’t want someone tripping over your pumpkins!


Light It Up

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Make sure the path to your house is bright enough for the trick-or-treaters. You may want to keep it dark and spooky, but that just leads to more possible accidents; especially if the kids go running from being frightened.



Avoid Fires

Everyone loves to carve pumpkins and put a candle inside, but don’t forget about the possible risks with real fire. Halloween and fall decorations tend to consist of a lot of flammable material such as corn stalks and hay. Keep open flames away from flammable items, or use flame-less candles or lights instead. Try using an LED candle light that flickers just like a real candle!


Watch Your Pets

Your pets may be super friendly, but when it comes to kids walking around in costumes make sure they are in a safe area. A lot of kids are frightened by other peoples pets or your pets might be frightened by the costumes. Either way, keep your pets a safe distance from the trick-or-treaters so there isn’t any potential for accidents.

Keep safe this Halloween and enjoy some candy!

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