Time The Lights


Get a timer switch for your lights. This way you don’t have to go out in the cold every evening and night to turn them on. They will automatically turn off and on with a preset time of your choice. It is also great for if you are traveling, and there is no one home to turn the lights on and off for you. You can find simple and cheap ones at your local hardware store or upgrade to a pricier one if you like to create winter wonderland in your front yard!


Wrap The Trees 

The best lights for wrapping trees are mini lights or LED mini lights because they are easier to handle. Neatly ball the strand of lights to make it easy to unwind without knotting of the strand. Don’t forget to have the male plug end out at the bottom for plugging in the lights. Starting at the trunk of the tree, wrap upwards while leaving enough space to come back down. Wrap firmly but not too firm. Once you get to the first “fork” on the tree, begin wrapping down one of the branches. Wrap the lights out onto the branch, leaving enough space to come back down. Continue wrapping all the big branches out and back. Lighting 3/4 of the branch is plenty, and not every branch needs to be wrapped. When you hit the end of a strand, plug a new strand into the female plug to create end-to-end runs. As you go further up the tree, use a ladder or step stool to reach the higher branches. Once you’ve gotten all the branches you want, wrap the rest down the trunk of the tree, and tuck the female end under the strands to keep it from unraveling.

For extremely tall trees or very full trees, this may be more difficult. Use all safety precautions when using ladders or other tools.

Store The Strands

Every year when you get out the lights, you just huff at the tangled mess, and the extra time it’s going to take to unravel and untangle each one. Instead, end each season by wrapping your lights around a spool or or even cardboard pieces. This will help protect your lights, keep them untangled, and save you time each year you go to put them up. Some storage systems even come with a handy bag or tote to keep the spools in.


Know Your Bulbs




Knowing how many lights you need for the size bulbs you prefer is good to know when planning out how many strands you will need for the area to be covered. You will also have to take into account the length of the strand you have in between each bulb. The number of bulbs you use will also determine how bright/full the area looks. Don’t forget to remember the added electrical cost with the more lights you add.


Safety First

Always remember to take safety precautions when decorating for the holiday season. Don’t overload outlets or put your decorations too close to heat sources such as candles or the fireplace. 

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