An unfinished basement can be one scary place, especially if you don’t like the dark. Stop sprinting up the stairs to keep out of that dungeon of a basement. Turn it into a fun and inviting space! Your basement doesn’t have to be just for storage; make it your favorite room in the house. Here are some cool ways to transform your basement!

The Ultimate Man Cave

Almost every guy dreams of having their own man cave, and the basement is the perfect place to have one. Big screen televisions, recliners, surround sound and a bar. It’s a place dedicated to sports and entertainment. It’s a man’s place of peace and quiet, even if the tv is blasting.

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Movie Theatre

Between Netflix, Roku, Firestick, Hulu and many other streaming devices, you almost don’t even need to go to the movie theatre anymore. Skip the lines, loud people, and crowd of the theater by creating your own movie room! You can have the experience of the theater just by walking down stairs. It is better than the 5 star lounge, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just for some popcorn.

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Guest Suite

When family comes to visit, it’s time to get out the air mattresses or reserve a hotel. End the hassle and frustration that shouldn’t come with having your family over. Make your basement a mini guest house for family and friends.

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Kid Zone

Tired of the kids running crazy through the house like tornadoes. Not anymore with the kid’s ultimate playroom in the basement. The kids will be super excited and so will you. The kids get a place to play, and you get peace of mind upstairs.

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Family Area

Make your basement a place for the whole family. Fun games, a small kitchen and comfy seating. Bring the family together with family game night or movie night in the basement. It can be a place to unwind and relax, or to get rowdy with laughter and memories.

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Whatever you decide for you basement renovation, Floyd can help! Give us a call today at 636-922-3569 to discover the endless possibilities for your basement.

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