Is your backyard boring and dull? Does it get so hot during the summer days, you can’t bare to sit out there? Why not make your backyard patio into an outdoor living space. It is a great way to be able to enjoy the great outdoors without being scolded by the summer sun. These top 5 backyard must haves will not only add value to your home, but you will actually be able to enjoy social gatherings and family time outside.

1. Covered Patio

To keep the heat from blazing down on everyone, a covered patio is perfect. Backyard parties just got a whole lot cooler now that everyone isn’t squinting just to see one another or wiping beads of sweat off their lip. There are many different options on material and style. You can go with a fabric awning, wooden arbor, metal gazebo or even brick depending on the look you are going for. Plus, when you choose covered patios that use material such as brick, you can extend your roof on top to flow with the rest of your house. Or perhaps you want to give your patio its own roof with a gable or  flat style.

2. Range Hood For Grill

You love the smell of barbecue and being able to enjoy a cold one while grilling.
Then a slight breeze comes and everyone starts choking on the smoke from the grill. Everyone has to clear out because it’s burning their eyes. Don’t let that smoke ruin your gathering. Having a range hood over your gas and/or charcoal grill will save you from burning eyes, and lugging your grill out into the yard just to lug it back later. Now your grill isn’t stuck out in all the inclement weather either, it will save your grill from rust and damage.

3. Outdoor Sink

The grill is all warmed up and you just put down all the burgers, brats, and chicken with your hands. Then your realize you need to close the lid to the grill and open the back door to go wash your hands. Now you have to spread all that raw meat contaminate everywhere just to clean up. An outdoor sink on your patio is perfect. It helps make cooking outside a breeze. Not only is it great for outdoor cooking, but if the kids need a quick drink or to clean up before coming back inside. Sure the kids could use the hose, but then it leaves a watery/muddy mess in the grass, and the hose left tangled. Help save inside your home from getting messy by having an outdoor sink, you will be so thankful.

4. Fire Pit SeatingImage result for fire pit seating

The sun is going down and it’s starting to get chilly. You have a great fire pit to light up, but you don’t have enough lawn chairs for everyone. Forget the lawn chairs and get custom made seating for your fire pit. There are so many options and styles to choose from. Instead of chairs, go with seating that accents the fire pit and makes it a focal point. A round stone bench ensures that all your guests have a place to sit, and it looks great. Whether you have an in ground, above ground, or non-permanent fire pit, a stone bench will put your backyard oasis together.

5. Patio lighting

Don’t let your party go diImage result for yard and patio lightingm just because the lights did. Lighten up the night with patio lighting. Whether you want twinkle lights or full fixtures for your patio, both look great over a finished patio. Set the mood by adding a dimmer switch for your lights as a little something extra. Along with patio lighting, adding extra outlets around the patio are great add-ons as well.

Make being outside fun again. Breath in the fresh air, and sip some wine. Get your backyard oasis started today! Not sure where to start or how? Just visit Floyd Renovations today, and they will take care of the rest so you can start sipping that wine now! Offering 0% for 60 months makes your backyard project affordable. Call today to speak with our Project Coordinator. 636-922-3569

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