So you are wanting to make your home more sustainable. Solar panels are obviously a great place to start, but where do you go from there? There are many different things you can do to help make your home more eco-friendly, and we have listed just a couple of the many ways to do just this!

In-ground Fridge

You could waste a bunch of money each month keeping a wine cellar chilled, but why not invest that money and conserve with an in-ground fridge like this one by Floris Schoonderbeek. These fridges don’t rely on electricity because temperatures stay quite constant throughout the year underground. You can store your wine, vegetables, or cheese in these unique fridges without wasting money on energy costs.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows can keep your home warmer in the winters and cooler in hot humid summer seasons. Investing in good windows can lower your energy expenses. energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs. It is important to consider a windows energy performance rating in relation to your climate and your home’s design. This will help narrow your selection. Check out Floyd Glass & Window for great energy efficient windows!


Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Low-flow water fixtures conserve water by using a high-pressure technique to produce a strong or equal flow of water with less water than other less-efficient fixtures. Such as a low-flow toilet will use about 1 gallon of water compared to the 3-5 gallons of an older toilet. Water may not be that expensive, but it does add up over time.


Reclaimed Wood

Save the trees and use reclaimed wood instead. It not only has beautiful and rich color varieties, but since it is older it is more dense and strong.  Using reclaimed wood helps cut down on waste compared to buying a new shiny wood floor. Reclaimed wood is not just for the floor either; you can use it on walls, for counter tops, tables, furniture, home decor, and more.

Living Roof Top

Now if you are really looking to go off the grid, convert your roof into a living roof top! There are different types of living roofs such as grass or even a full garden. Living roofs reduce storm water runoff, they are more energy efficient by reducing heating and cooling costs, they improve air quality by photosynthesis, and they provide many more benefits. Plus it adds some color to the exterior of your house; who doesn’t love a little greenery!


It’s time to go green and help save our amazing planet. Okay, maybe not full on green yet, but starting small is a great way to start. Need help making your home a more sustainable one? Don’t worry, Floyd Renovations can help. Give us a call today at 636-922-3569 so we can help your home go green! Mother Nature will thank you for it, and with great financing options like 0% for 60 months any home project can come to life!

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