Stop scrubbing away in your shower to try and get rid of all the build up. Save your time and  effort by changing out your glass with Guardian ShowerGuard. With Guardian, your shower glass won’t dull after time like ordinary glass. Not even the best cleaning product can match the quality of ShowerGuard, and there is no harsh scrubbing every week, or ever! Backed with a limited lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to worry about your shower glass getting gross again.


The Process


Using patented ion-beam technology, Guardian permanently seals the surface of the glass. The process fills the peaks and valleys that occur naturally in glass. This creates a smooth surface extremely resilient to hard water buildup, dirt, and soap that dulls and carves ordinary glass.

Stop wasting time trying to clean the shower glass and call Floyd Glass and Window today at 636-922-3569 to get your Guardian ShowerGuard glass installed today!


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