Who just loves to do laundry?! Not me, and I am sure most people aren’t a big fan of it either. It’s one of those chores you have to do eventually or you will have nothing left in your closet. I can’t tell you, you can make laundry fun, but you can at least enjoy being in the laundry room. Most laundry rooms are on the small side so lets make the most of the space you have, and dress it up!

Add a fun back splash to the wall or cool floor tile to really make the room more interesting.

If you have front loaders, adding a counter top above them makes it easy to fold clothes as soon as they are done. It’s also great for more storage space.

Use some of that space above your washer to add a clothes rod to hang clothes so they don’t wrinkle.


Stop bending over backwards and crawling in the washer and dryer just to get the clothes out. Raised units gives you space underneath and less back ache!

Add two robe hooks to easily store the ironing board in smaller spaces instead of crammed in a corner or on the side of the washer.

If you have the space, add a sink. It’s great for soaking delicate clothes or when you just need a splash of water.




Organize colors with a clean looking basket and cabinet combo. This keeps the clutter off the floor from all the baskets.

Get rid of that eye sore wiring shelving and get some cabinets. It hides the clutter and looks great.

Add some color to your laundry room to liven it up. A fun light fixture is great too!


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