The answer is ABSOLUTELY! As you’ll see, vinyl has came a long way since its original introduction in the 1930’s. There are now Luxury Vinyl Plank(LVP) options that look and feel so real, many mistakenly think they are hardwood. From warm to cool tones, traditional, rustic, or modern looks, these 6 benefits will make you rethink your perception on vinyl.

It’s Waterproof- Rest easy, LVP is completely waterproof.  You don’t have to worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or pet accidents. The standard LVP can handle up to 9 lbs/1000 sf of moisture in the foundation, this also means that it’s a good option for things like basements and finished garages, where moisture levels might not be ideal.

Feel Good for the Feet- LVP is installed with a nice, cushy underlayment.  It’s also much warmer than tile and makes getting out of the hot shower in the winter a little less dreadful.

Ease of Installation- With quick and easy install, it aids in keeping professional installation costs down. Your project is also done sooner with your space ready to use!

Ease of UN-installation- Like all good trends, they come and go. Unlike that super short haircut you were so ambitious about, this one is easy and quick to remove. Whether you change your style or you’re ready to put your house on the markup, LVP isn’t a decision that will come back to haunt you.

Scratch Resistant-  While it is not completely scratch proof, the high wear layer of LVP makes it much more resistant than hardwood.  Padding under the furniture is recommended.

No Grout, No Problem- LVP requires no grout which simplifies and shortens cleaning and upkeep.

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