You’ve got livable space in your house just over your head and I bet you didn’t even realize it. Need more space in your house? Don’t just move out or get an addition, try going up into the attic. Attics occasionally present challenges like low ceilings, odd angles and unusual crevices, but that is what makes the space so much fun and interesting. Take a look at how to transform attics into bedrooms, play rooms, storage spaces, and more!


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To get into the attic you need to have some stairs. Whether you want to have the stairs pull down, spiral, compact or even be a climbing wall, the options to access the attic are endless! There are even stairs that are electric. Just one click of a button and your stairs slide down!


Need another bedroom? No problem, the attic is a great place to turn into bedroom. This will save you money over adding onto the home. Plus, the kids will fight over who gets it or better yet, make it a master bedroom for yourself.


If you need more storage space, then renovating the attic is perfect. Keep all your seasonal decorations, travel gear, and extra items organized and safe by storing them in the finished attic.

Play Room

Tired of the kids running ravage around the house? Then it is time to build them their very own play room. Store all the toys out of site and in one place in the attic. Add some fun wall art or chalkboard paint for even more play fun. The kids will love it and so will you.


Maybe you are thinking, “forget the kids and let them run around the house, this space is mine.” Then build your attic into a personal study or lounge space. It will be the perfect place to unwind and relax with no kids allowed!

Walk-in Closet

Never run out of closet space again. Turn the attic into the biggest walk-in closet! No more packing seasonal clothes away in boxes only to get them out in a few months. Display your entire wardrobe in one place.

Renovate your attic today with Floyd Renovations. No dream is too big or too small with Floyd. Give us a call today at 636-922-3569 to start making your dream become a reality. Floyd offers great  financing options like 0% for 60 months. This is just the beginning of something great!

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