Is it time to get your bathroom up-to-date? Are you tired of staring at all the pink, gold, or years of grime in your bathroom? Get your bathroom updated by just following these 6 tips. You will want to spend more time in your beautiful new bathroom than ever before.

1. Vanity Top

Vanity tops deal with a lot of use and abuse. You want a material that will be durable to withstand all the soap, water, makeup, and whatever else you threw at it.  Get rid of any old oArchie Vanityr outdated vanity top by replacing it with durable materials like granite, marble or quartzite. These surfaces not only look great, but can handle heat and wear. There are also many different color options that will bring the look of your bathroom up-to-date. Be advised that granite needs sealing to repel grease found in some hair products, and marble can stain.

2. Refinish Cabinets

Instead of getting all brand new cabinets, think about getting your old ones refinished first. It will cost you less than buying all new cabinets. Refinishing your cabinets will give them a new look, and definitely pull your bathroom together. Just be cautious of the material your cabinets are because not all wood grades are easily stained after a paint was already applied on them.

3. New Fixtures

It’s time upgrade all the old fixtures in your bathroom. From the shower head to the lighting. Get rid of those faucets that have calcium build up and stains. A matching set of shower and sink faucets will help tie in the look you are going for whether its more modern or farmhouse. The light fixture you choose will help set the mood. From bright and cheery to warm and cozy.


This master bath. The shiplap, freestanding tub, and modern farmhouse touches make it a true retreat. Interior design by Janna Allbritton of Yellow Prairie Interior Design.:



   4. Bathtub

Throw out that nasty old alcove bath tub that is just an eye sore and gathering filth. A freestanding tub is the way to go. You can put it anywhere plumbing lines are installed. It gives an elegant feel and focal point to your bathroom. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from to fit any bathroom. Bubble baths just got more luxurious, it’s like having your own spa at home.

5. Shower Enclosure

 There has never been a better time than now to replace your old cramped shower that has the gold frame. Large showers that can fit more than one person are a new trend right now; some people even throwing out the bathtub altogether. This gives you plenty of room to actually move in the shower. Try modernizing your shower with a semi frameless or frameless enclosure.  Stop trying to clean the soap scum off the shower glass with options like ShowerGuard and Seal Pro that help keep your glass looking pristine. You can custom build your shower at Floyd Glass today.

6. Tile, Tile, Tile

Tile trends are in growing demand for personalized style throughout the home. With so many more options now available for tile, it can give you any look you want. From wood-like tiles for a farmhouse theme to glass tiles for a sleek feel, the options are endless. Your bathroom is a place you spend a lot of time in, why not make it a showpiece for you to enjoy.

Check out Floyd Renovations today to get a free quote on your bathroom, or any room in your house. Getting a bid is hassle free because at Floyd we do not price in the field so you don’t feel pressured on making a decision. It’s time to revolutionize your bathroom! Offering 0% for 60 months makes any project affordable. Call today to speak with our Project Coordinator. 636-922-3569

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