Do you hate having a cluttered closet where you can’t find anything? Are you ever running late for work and you can’t find a matching set of shoes because all the shoes are piled in the bottom of your closet. Don’t get stuck in a situation like this all because your closet is a pit of disaster. Create a space where clothes and other items are neatly displayed and easy to find. You won’t have to iron your clothes twice anymore from being crammed in too tight. Here are 9 easy ideas to help keep your closet clean and organized.

1. Using solid shelves and drawers instead of wire shelving gives your closet a cleaner, more organized look. Plus, there are more options for organizing. 2. Put up cedar in your closet to help keep bugs out. Cedar keeps moths away so you don't end up with a hole in the middle of your favorite sweater. 3. Add recessed lighting to shelves so you can see your clothes better and know what you are grabbing. 4. Add in a jewelry cabinet to keep all your necklaces from getting tangled. Plus you can keep your diamonds out of site when the cabinet is closed. 5. Adding drawers in your closet is great for hiding and organizing your undergarments or other articles of clothing such as sweatshirts. 6. If you have the space an island or ottoman is perfect. An Island will give you more storage space, while an ottoman will give you a spot to try on all your shoes. 7. Don't be late because you can't find matching shoes in the pile at the bottom of your closet. Get organized with cubbies in the closet. 8. Put images on kids drawers to make it easy for them to identify what items are in each one. It's cute and clutter free. 9. Convert a drawer into a tie organizer. Picking out a tie is so much easier when you can find the one you want.

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